Leslie is cranky

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and I am not a patient patient.

On Friday morning, I was having MANY mishaps, and ended up breaking my toe. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can read my blog about that HERE.

Anyway, it hurts, but I’m grateful that it doesn’t hurt a lot. What’s bothering me even more is the fact that I can’t DO anything.

For example, yesterday was so beautiful that I wanted to be outside. By the way, summer is my favorite time of year, so I’m trying to spend as much time outside as possible since fall is almost here.

Anyway, I walked my dog down the street, about two blocks, and my toe became angry and swollen. Fortunately, my dog felt like sitting down and resting so I did too, but when I finally did get home, it was really bothering me. So as much as I wanted to be outside, I sat on the couch and watched TV.

Today is another beautiful day, but I also didn’t get outside for the same reason until I got in the car to come to work.

Now, I’m grateful that it doesn’t hurt more, and that I can continue to work. But I hate laying around, unless I’m actually sick, and I’m not!

Got any ideas of how I can keep myself entertained, other than just watching TV? Let me know in the comments.