Source: YouTube

There are plenty of reasons to exhume a corpse . . . like to recover the WINE you’ve been aging in there!

You may have heard of the wine brand 19 Crimes.  They just revealed a stunt where they aged wine . . . in a COFFIN.  They say it’s the world’s first “haunted wine.”

There aren’t many details on how, when, or why they aged it . . . or WITH WHOM.  They just say it was buried “amongst the dead in Tower Hamlets Cemetery.”

They did let people taste it during a couple of special events this past weekend in the U.K.

They also released this hype video for it which you can watch above!

They haven’t said if they’re going to offer it for sale, or how you might be able to get your hands on it.  But more importantly, WOULD YOU mind drinking wine that was aged in a coffin, or would that be too much for you? I suppose since the coffin wasn’t previously used, what’s the big deal, right?!